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Most Recent Add-Ons
+ Optimize in terms of Resource Utilization (find minimum Crew size)
+ Handle very large products, crews and workstations
+ Visually monitor Crew occupation over time
+ Find bottleneck resources on Critical Path
+ Edit available Resources like tools, skills and profiles and Simulate impacts
+ Build multi-year Assembly Programme of Products and their variants.
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Managing the balancing of an assembly line has never been easier!

There is no assembly challenge OptiLine can't handle: read this paper on
Line Balancing in the Real World detailing what no other tool can cope with.

For a telling example what OptiLine can help solving, have a look at this article.


You are responsible for the operations resource planning in a production line or you plan to develop or improve a production line for a new product in the future, then OptiLine is the software you need!

This software concerns every kind of product manufactured on a paced production line where the operations have to be distributed among several workstations. Its objective is to balance, automatically or interactively, these production lines in a record time.

There are many difficult constraints imposed on lines in industries such as automotive - OptiLine is the only available tool capable to handle all of them.

Product Description

Why should you use OptiLine ?

One keyword to explain that: PRODUCTIVITY. Indeed, you will improve the productivity of your company in different aspects

  • It will help you reduce considerably the time of re-design of your line thanks to its user–friendly man-machine interface and its powerful optimization algorithms
  • It will minimize the size of the buffers between the workstations
  • It will help you improve the workload balancing between the workstations
  • It will help you estimate the number of operators really needed to operate your line and schedule their work.

The key technical features of OptiLine

User Friendly Input of the data

A particular attention has been paid to the design of a user-friendly man-machine interface for the input and manipulation of the data. Modify and view the multiple constraints handled by the software in a few clicks.



Interactive Optimization Tool

One of our objectives at Optimal Design is to build software that our customers can master easily. They always keep the control of the system and are able to impose the constraints and/or solutions they want to.




Powerful automatic optimization tool

Even if you have the opportunity to do your line balancing interactively, you will quickly realize that the problem's complexity requires an Automatic Balancing tool. OptiLine uses a state of the art computation engine based on genetic algorithm yielding optimized solution in a very short time, giving you the possibility to try different line layouts within minutes.


Analysis of the results and reporting

The multi project capacities of OptiLine and its rich reporting features let you easily analyze and compare different line layouts.