OptiLine Suite
Interactive Optimization
OptiLine - Interactive Optimization

    One of our objectives at Optimal Design is to build software that our customers can master easily. They always have to keep the control of the system and impose the constraints and/or solutions they want to.

    This is the reason why, instead of only developing a pure automatic line balancing tool, we have linked it with an interactive tool that allows you to design solutions yourself, or to modify solutions obtained with the automatic balancing tool. Your are thus always master of the design of your solution.

    The interactive line balancing is based upon a simple drag-and-drop concept with on-line control of the validity of the moves of operations from station to station. Once the constraints have been introduced, moving an operation from one station to another becomes extremely fast and simple, thanks to the immediate visual feedback on each modification. The powerful undo feature makes numerous “what-if” trials a snap.