OptiLine Suite
Automatic Line-Balancing
OptiLine - The Automatic Line Balancing

    Even if you have the opportunity to do your line balancing interactively, you will quickly realize that the problem's complexity requires an Automatic Balancing tool. Thanks to our proprietary Grouping Genetic Algorithms written in C++, OptiLine offers you the fastest and most complete (in terms of compliance with real industrial constraints) automatic balancing tool ever.

Indeed, our algorithm takes the following constraints into account:
  • Precedence constraints
  • Operations fixed on one workstation
  • Linked operations
  • Unmovable operations and/or workstations
  • Multi-variant products where not all operations appear in all variants
  • Cycle times may vary among workstations, to account for different manpower, or to speed the end of the line for easier jam recovery

New as of version 2.1.8 :

  • Zoning constraints limiting an operation to a subset of workstations
  • Multiple operators assigned to a workstation
  • Multiple operators required for an operation

New as of version 2.6.2 :

  • Variants can now be introduced as a Bill of Material Tree

OptiLine even gives you the detailed schedule of each of your operators