OptiLine Suite
Data Manipulation
OptiLine - Data Manipulation

     A particular attention has been paid to the design of a user-friendly man-machine interface for the input and manipulation of the data. 

    Assembly constraints are modeled with an operation precedence graph. This precedence graph is also used to specify other operation-related information like names, codes, durations, variants, links between operations...

   Many functionalities have been implemented to make the manipulation of the data as simple as possible, like copy, cut, paste functions, zoom, multiple selection, horizontal and vertical alignment tools,...

    OptiLine handles most of the constraints encountered in real world assembly lines.

Operation properties
  • Operation type : Manual, Robotized or Automated
  • Operation duration
  • Operation variant
  • Number of operators required to perform the operation

Operation constraints
  • Operation predecessors
  • Operations that must be alone in a workstation
  • Operations that must be grouped together in their workstation
  • Operations that must be assigned to a particular zone in the line

Workstation properties
  • Workstation type : Manual, Robotized or Automated
  • Workstation cycle time : This time can vary from one workstation to another
  • Workstation peak time : Time allowed to execute the slowest variant on the station
  • Number of operators assigned to the workstation

Variant models

 Two variant models can be deployed :

  • Implicit model : Based on a bill of material tree, it gives you the opportunity to assign an operation to a particular variant.
  • Explicit model : In this model, all variants are listed, giving the algorithm the possibility to balance the line with the operation average time, and also ensure that no variant of the product will jam the line.

Data Format

    OptiLine projects are stored in a csv (comma separated values) file, giving you the possibility to edit the project data in a spreasheet program such as Microsoft Excel. You can also import your data from another program by a simple copy and paste. The format of an OptiLine project is fully documented to facilitate integration with other systems.