OptiLine Suite
OptiLine Releases & Upgrades
GUI Client Release : 4.1.0

Key features included:

Release 4.1.0:

  • New plug-in API interface to allow for an external precedence graph management
  • Declare up to 64 cumulative resource constraints (like workstation length or surface, required minimum shelf space at a workstation, maximum number of tools in use, other specific resource costs...)
  • Genetic Optimization algorithm enhancements for a scalability from 4 up to 16 processors (depending on data and optimization problem)
  • Storage of assembly data and all changes into Optimal Design's Versioned Database, offering advanced Change Managament (tracking and control by author) especially in large or corporate multi-user operating environments
  • Flexible data entry via flat files (partial loads), assembly project storage and retrieval from SQL compliant databases (ODBC connectors), partial data loads and selective data exports via XML-like schemas

Release 4.0.0:

  • Declare constraints for operations that can drift beyond the current workstation to the next or several next workstations
  • Declare constraints for operations that are mutually incompatible, on a given or any workstation or zone
  • Maximum limits expanded to address 5000 elementary tasks/operations

Release 3.9.0 and before:

  • Declare constraints for operations that require several operators and specific positions
  • Define multi-variants products where all variants do not necessarily include or require all operations from all variants
  • Define up to 16 customizable work positions to satisfy ergonomic constraints. 7 positions are pre-defined (Front, Rear, Left, Right, Tilted, Inside)
  • Various GUI enhancements to ease execution of most needed tasks, namely in the precedence graph editor
  • Declare contraints for operations that needs to be linked together (executed on the same workstation) or fixed to a given workstation or zone of workstations
Limited Demo Version : 3.2

To freely evaluate OptiLine during a limited time period:

  • Download the OptiLine Suite installer here
  • Double click the installer and follow the instructions
External add-ons:

To install the Versioned Database engine add-on to exploit multi-user changement management features:

  • Download the Versioned Database installer
  • Double click the installer and follow the instructions

To install the ODBC Fetch add-on to allow for fetching data from any SQL compliant database in your environment:

  • Download the ODBC Fetch installer here
  • Double click the installer and follow the instructions