OptiLine Suite
BusinessWeek Articles

In its 17 October 2005 issue, BusinessWeek reported about production and quality problems faced by DaimlerChrysler ("Mercedes' new boss rolls up his sleeves", European Business). In a graphic illustration of the difficulties, BusinessWeek reported:

[Mercedes Car Group chief Dieter] Zetsche's predecessor, Eckhard Cordes, slowed production lines to allow for additional [quality] testing, but that torpedoed productivity."

In the 7 November 2005 issue, our founder Dr. Falkenauer commented on the report, reminding readers that many of those problems can be avoided quickly and with minimal cost by optimizing the assembly lines. Indeed, OptiLine Suite was designed to address precisely the kind of productivity issues reported by BusinessWeek. Thanks to its unique optimization algorithm, OptiLine achieves a far better performance than a human could ever do.

Here is Dr. Falkenauer's comment: