Latest documentation

Note : The latest version of these documents is included in the ArrayMiner Upgrade.

  • Download Optimal Design's help viewer and data to use in place of the Windows help viewer,
  • Peruse ArrayMiner online help here.
  • Get ClassMaker tutorial (3.0) here (PDF size 1.0 MB).
  • Get a "How To Hint" sheet about how to perform a clustering here (PDF).
  • Get a "How To Hint" sheet about how to run ArrayMiner from GeneSpring here (PDF).

Other downloads
  • A white paper discussing the new model of clustering of ArrayMiner® 2 can be downloaded here.
  • A published paper discussing the performance of ArrayMiner® as compared to the standard k-Means can be downloaded here.
  • A small application to illustrate the drawbacks of the k-Means method can be downloaded here (PC version only).